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Research indicates that if there is a habit  or routine you want to break or change, you must refrain from doing that thing and must apply the desired altered behavior consistently for 30 days to get the job done.  You cannot miss a day.

What does this have to do with learning how to play the piano?  Well, to move from not being able to play to being able to play, you must get certain principles and practices engrafted in your lifestyle.  So, before we continue, let’s decide to commit at least 30 minutes a day on the tasks that are to come.

In our kickoff lesson, we will learn the major scales in all 12 keys.  For me this is a challenge because I already know how to play many songs and in different keys.  The problem with this is that the demands of life and daily living consumed my time in the past preventing me from learning and continuously practicing the basics designed to increase and sustain my skill level.

I invite you to join me–leave a note on the Piano Blogger page letting me know how you are doing with the lessons.

Practice makes perfect is what “They” say.  But, what happens if what you are practicing is incorrect?  Then you will have begun to perfect something that is incorrect.  Result?  You perfected doing something wrong.  Let’s get off on the right foot by starting with some basics.  

Our commitment to you...