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For all those years, I had been telling my mind that this was impossible and created excuses to justify trying to kill what was truly in my heart.  It has taken over 30 years to begin to unravel from such defeat–it is indeed a process.

Where am I today?  Well, I have a private instructor who is so patient and kind.  Under her guidance, I was able to begin reading sheet music and playing the songs somewhat fluently within 2 months.  Given continuous practice, the fluency will come.  Like I said earlier, passions do not die–the intensity multiplies.

The truth is that I had natural ability to hear a song and over time and through practice, I could play the tune to the point that it could be recognized by others.  Was it perfect?  No!  Could it get me through a service and you through a song?  Yes

As a member of my junior high school choir, many tasks were set before us.  Not only did we have to know our parts, but we had to sing along with sheet music.   Ugh! was my reply to that exercise.  It was in those days that I convinced my mind that we could not learn how to read music.  I was around 13 then.  If you read Article 01 and do the math, you can see that it’s been too long!

While much of this site caters to hearing and playing the piano, I have to share the truth with you.  I resorted to relying upon my hearing because I just could not grasp the concept of reading those little black dots called music notes.

Learning to Read & Play Music–It’s a Process...

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