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Well, after many years of pursuing a great professional career and other notable pursuits, at the end of every day there was a state of discontent at the root of my emotions. Don’t get me wrong, all that I have accomplished is great and rewarding in many ways, but in my heart of hearts, all I ever wanted to do was play the piano.  

To begin investing at a greater measure in what really matters to me, on June 10, 2010, I became a member of the Gospel Music Training Center Club, owned and operated by Jermaine Griggs.  Jermaine is one of the most talented keyboard instructors that I know.  And, what a difference he and his team have made in my life.  

As a member of the Gospel Music Training Center Club, I have access to literally hundreds of instructional video that teaches me how to sharpen my ear and better interpret what the music is doing.  I am growing in my ability to hear and play what I hear.

Teaming up with the team of professional keyboard players and instructors at Gospel Music Training Center has changed my life.  My passion is not only alive and well; it is being fulfilled one note at a time.

You can try to beat it down, suppress it, or talk yourself out of pursuing what is truly in your heart, but the truth of the matter is this–that “thing” will never die.  

Ask me how I know?

Real Passion Never Dies!

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