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The Play Piano-Now!!! initiative is led by Jackie Golden, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, professional trainer, coach, and musician.  

“Though I have accomplished much in many facets of life, the one desire that was not properly cultivated in my formative years was the desire to skillfully play the piano.”

It is out of that passion that Play Piano-Now!!! was born.  “I so desperately wanted to play piano as a young girl, but I did not have access to the types of tools and resources that exist today.”

As I continue to build my own skills at seeing, hearing and playing piano, I am committed to connecting you to materials, resources, tools, and technology that can help you easily learn to play the piano.  

I invite you to take this journey with me as I share real-life accounts of this stretch in my learning experience.

My goal is to help change lives one note at a time.

Freely I give; I hope you stop by weekly to freely receive.  I’ll never charge you for these services.”

About Us

“...all I ever wanted to do

was play the piano skillfully.”